2023 New Year’s resolution: analytics contigency

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By July 1st 2023 the Universal Analytics will stop collecting data. Switching to its successor GA4 is not as simple as flipping a switch. If you are using Data Studio dashboards to visualise your Google Analytics data then additional implications need to be considered.

Facebook Attribution: chicken or egg?

Facebook Attribution: chicken or egg? - tile

Do your Facebook campaigns really generate the results you think they do? Learn why Facebook Attribution overattributes far more success to Facebook advertising campaigns than they actually generate.

Does your remarketing really drive incremental revenue?

Does your remarketing really drive incremental revenue? - tile

There seems to be a common belief among digital marketeers that remarketing is a no-brainer because it delivers conversions at a low cost. Being our critical selves we question to what extent remarketing really delivers incremental revenue.

Richardson Sales Performance

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Delivering 160K revenue via paid search lead generation campaigns in the EMEA region for a global sales improvement company.


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Managing a growing multi-million paid search revenue progamme in Western Europe for Europe’s most highly specialised wholesaler for products for making your own beer, wine, liqueurs, or dairy products.


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Taking digital analytics to the next level.

PWI Brussels

PWI digital marketing campaign case

Generating 83 memberships leads with a low budget social media campaign.