Management of a growing multi-million paid search revenue programme in Western Europe

Brouwland is Europe’s most highly specialised wholesaler for products for making your own wine, beer, liqueurs, or dairy products. Through its website, the company serves amateur brewers, professional microbreweries, and retailers alike in Europe and beyond.


In March 2019 Lone Wolves, formerly known as Engage Digital, carried out a media audit for Brouwland to identify unnecessary media spend and opportunity areas. In April 2019 Brouwland appointed Lone Wolves as its performance marketing partner for Belgium, Netherlands, and France. In 2019 paid search revenue grew 16.5% compared to 2018. Following this, in January 2020 the mission of Lone Wolves was expanded to include Germany.


With 2020 being marked by Covid-19 Brouwland accelerated its e-commerce activities. As a result, performance marketing investment and the focus on optimisation intensified. Despite a challenging year overall e-commerce revenue grew 45% in 2020. With an 80% revenue growth vs. 2019, paid search became the largest revenue-generating channel for Brouwland, surpassing a six-figure amount for the first time in the company history.


In 2021 the digital acceleration continues with the appending launch of a new website. In addition to managing the paid search performance Brouwland has called on Lone Wolves to help out with:

Brouwland is a perfect example of a client that makes full use of Lone Wolves’ deep search and analytics expertise and multilingual capabilities required to satisfy international performance marketing ambitions.