Taking digital analytics to the next level

DNDi, which stands for Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, aims to discover, develop, and deliver new treatments for neglected patients around the world that are affordable and patient-friendly – and have already saved millions of lives. The work of DNDi focuses on diseases such as sleeping sickness, chagas disease, cutaneous leishmaniasis, river blindness, mycetoma etc.


DNDi operates various websites around the globe attracting tens of thousands of visits every month. After having conducted a first digital analytics training with us in 2020 DNDi asked us how we could help to improve their digital analytics on eight of the organisation’s websites. Here’s how we helped them.

Data quality and standardization

Future-proof digital analytics implementation

While Universal Analytics remained the default digital analytics implementation for DNDi we also implemented the newer Google Analytics version GA4 on all 8 websites. This dual setup allows DNDi to learn and experiment with GA4 and to be ready for the day Google decides to pull the Universal Analytics plug.

Data visualisation

Finally, two Google Data Studio dashboards were configured to provide DNDi staff with an easily accessible overview of website performance data.

The project was signed off at the end of July and deliverables were handed over to DNDi mid-September. Leaving aside summer holidays, the entire digital analytics renewal and expansion on 8 websites globally had been completed in four weeks. We also support DNDi on an ongoing basis with Google Ads management.