About Lone Wolves

Previously known as Engage Digital, founded in April 2007 - reborn as Lone Wolves in April 2021

Born to stand out

We are Lone Wolves. We are a collective of senior experts across a wide spectrum of digital marketing disciplines. From performance marketing to digital analytics and from content marketing to UX…our wolves team up to serve clients with an agency portfolio of services, in an un-agency manner. There’s no account managers at Lone Wolves, you always talk directly to the senior expert(s) handling your project. And since our wolves work from their dens or your location, there’s no place for shiny offices at Lone Wolves. Our clients feature start-ups, SMEs, corporates, NGOs, and government institutions who typically operate in an international context.

Consolidation in the digital agency landscape leads to ever-growing hourly billing factories populated by junior staff whose time is sold at senior rates. Lone Wolves offers an alternative that provides you with a wealth of specialist experience at competitive rates. We do not have shareholders or investors that force us to produce short-term results. Instead, we focus on generating sustainable long-lasting success for our clients.

We make the difference by being different

Transparent incremental results, without BS

Over the years we have seen many marketeers being blindsided by shiny objects and fuzzy metrics. Lost in reports full of smoke and mirrors, nobody asks the hard questions about the real incremental value of for example Facebook campaigns, remarketing campaigns, or display advertising campaigns. Our Lone Wolves are experts in detecting non-productive media spend. We stay away from tactics that do not deliver a demonstrable incremental effect on your bottom-line results. We are completely transparent about the way we work, and we guarantee 100% bullshit-free, objective reporting.
Independent critical thinking and analytical skills are prerequisites for becoming a Lone Wolf. Each of our Lone Wolves has at least 10 years of experience under the belt in fields such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital analytics, or content production.

When it comes to generating results, experience counts