Digital results hunters

We are a digital marketing agency operating from Brussels. We help international clients attract website traffic, leverage digital content and data, and develop in-house digital marketing skills, to generate awareness, engagement, leads, or sales.

Digital Marketing

Without exception, our Lone Wolves are senior experts in digital content, digital advertising, or digital data. Whether your objective is brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, or sales, our wolves team up to define and execute the digital marketing strategy to achieve the desired outcome. Hunting digital results is what defines us.

Digital Training

In the wild, experienced wolves share hunting strategies and techniques with younger and less experienced wolves. At Lone Wolves this isn’t any different. We offer a number of digital marketing training programmes for in-company delivery. All training programmes can be delivered in-person or virtually, in English, Dutch, French or German. Our portfolio of digital marketing training progammes currently covers:


We support start-ups, SME’s, corporates, NGO’s and government institutions with content marketing, search & social, digital analytics, and digital skills training. Our clients typically operate in an international context. We offer multilingual support to cater to these needs.

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