PWI Brussels

Generating 83 memberships leads with a low budget social media campaign.

PWI Brussels, which stands for Professional Women International, is a non-profit association which helps its members to grow and succeed, and to accelerate the move to gender balanced leadership. PWI Brussels wanted to celebrate the organisation’s 30th birthday with a social media campaign to attract new members. Here’s how we made that happen.

Video production

In order to explain what PWI Brussels stands for video was selected as the preferred medium to convey the message. Our Content Wolf, Bert got to work in challenging conditions because of the Covid pandemic. He went on-site to shoot the base material for this video production which he then blended with self-recorded testimonials from various PWI members. The end result, which also features Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, can be viewed here.

Social media campaign

The target audience for this campaign was obvious: international professional women in Brussels and surroundings. With a small media budget we opted for a two-pronged approach via Facebook and LinkedIn where women with specific professional interests were targeted with a video ad. Those interested in becoming a member could express their interest by submitting a form that was pre-filled with their Facebook or LinkedIn details.


In just 10 days:

  • Over 10.000 unique individuals were reached
  • Over 500 visits to the PWI Brussels were generated
  • 83 lead forms were submitted via Facebook and LinkedIn

With a membership fee of EUR 130, the small media investment turned into a 10,8k membership revenue potential.