Digital Recruitment Training Course

Applying a digital marketing approach to your recruitment efforts

During this half-day Digital Recruitment training course, you will learn to efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively recruit new members of staff using digital channels. The course is particularly aimed at HR and recruiters who wish to reduce their reliance on agencies and take digital recruitment into their own hands. This training course equips you with the strategic framework and tactics to effectively start digital recruitment initiatives tomorrow.

What you will learn


Digital recruitment

Digital employer branding and recruitment channels

Measuring success

Target audience

Remco has been practicing digital marketing since it came into existence. He has a wealth of digital marketing expertise and an extreme focus on measuring results. Over the past 20 years, Remco has been working with companies large and small, b2c and b2b, for-profit and non-profit in Western Europe. His track record features Telenet, Orange, GAMMA, Brouwland, Connections, Bridgestone Europe, DPG Media, Cargill, Cathay Pacific, Westminster Abbey, and many others. Remco was a digital marketing lecturer at the HZ University of Applied Sciences and loves sharing his knowledge and experiences in training courses, workshops, and presentations. He even addressed a United Nations WTO conference.